We have renamed our studios to honour some of the people that have made Mayhem what it is today!


Previously known as the ‘Dance Studio’, this is one of our busiest spaces! This studio is mainly used for dance, which is why we felt it apt to honour this room with the name of someone whose love for dance ignited a passion within Nicole: Nicole’s first ever dance tutor Brenda Taylor and her daughter Kathryn Taylor. Brenda and Kathy supported and nurtured Nicole’s love and talent for dance from the very beginning, and to this day Nicole still sees them regularly and receives continued support.

Previously known as the ‘Back Studio’, this space is widely used in many different forms. We took this space over a couple of years after our initial launch when we became so busy, it demanded an expansion. This reflects the support we have received for our continued growth and expansion from our Landlord Stephen Ross. Stephen’s support from the very beginning has been amazing, but even more so in the past two challenging years.

Previously known as the ‘Drama Room,’ this space is actually used for a variety of different activities, not solely drama. We wanted a name to reflect the studio for its diverse use and, most of all, honour someone who has been at Mayhem from the beginning: Lee Rayner. Lee has been at Mayhem since it opened in January 2007, then later as a Trustee to the charity. She has been an integral part of Mayhem’s success. We want to thank Lee for the support and help she has given us over the past 15 years, and for what she will continue to do in the future.