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Please see below answers to regularly asked questions:

Theatre Trip Q&A

Where does the coach pick you up?

Our Coaches have two pick-up and drop-off points the first is at Hoddesdon Spinney & the second is at Cheshunt Old Pond.

How do I book tickets?

To book your tickets, please email
Once you have booked your tickets you will receive an invoice, this must be paid within a week of receiving the invoice. If your group number is larger than 6 we will ask for a £20 deposit for each ticket at the time of booking.

How do we get tickets?

Tickets will be given when you get on the coach.

Can I make my own way to and from the theatre?
Yes, you do not need to go on the coach if you prefer to make your own way to the theatre. We can arrange to meet you outside the theatre to give you your tickets.

If I am no longer able to go on the trip?

Due to the small scale of our coach trips our tickets are non-refundable however please do contact the office if you cannot attend a trip and we will be review this case by case.

What happens if we are late for the coach?

The coach leaves promptly at the scheduled time, in order for us to get to the theatre in time. If you are running late please do contact us as soon as possible on our work number: 07940161999. If you miss the coach, you will then have to make your own way to the theatre.