Sparks Film School is the UK’s leading film school for children and young people. We are excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Sparks as their East Herts and Borough of Broxbourne base, running Sparks courses during term time and school holidays, with our first course this summer!

Students joining Sparks Film School follow a unique programme of learning, through which they develop a wide range of skills and knowledge in filmmaking, animation, and photography.

The curriculum includes a complement of creative and technical learning, along with soft skill development too. Each Sparks Film School grade features progressive learning in the areas of filmmaking, animation, and photography taking students from beginner level through to mastering advanced skills!

Courses available to book for this summer:

For Studio 2 (school year 3-4)
For Studio 3 (school year 5-6)
For Studio 4 (school year 7-9)